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It’s been awhile..

I know it’s been awhile, and so much has changed since my last entry. I finally became an adult and went to see a doctor. Discovered I have ADD, and was prescribed vyvanse. Today is the second day on the medication and I feel wonderful. I’m focused, I have energy, and I can get so much done! Also I’ve been in a fabulous mood, though I heard that doesn’t last forever. Drat. 

It feels like this drug has compartmentalized my thoughts and there’s no more rapid fire occurring upstairs. I’m still getting used to being able to have a conversation and keep on the topic the entire time. 

I still get distracted at times, but now I know that I’m distracted and seem to be able to get back on task fairly easily. The only thing I do miss is my ability to remember everything I needed or wanted to do in the day. (Though I never actually got even half of that done, lol) It’s frustrating right now since I’ve been having to make myself lists so that I can remember everything. 

I believe people with ADD have brains like TIme Lords. It feels so strange having all this information put away in something that seems so small. 

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